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Kyoto offers an overwhelming wealth of cultural attractions. 2000 temples, shrines and palaces are waiting to be discovered. At the same time, Kyoto is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. The narrow, winding streets of the traditional districts invite you to explore the city by bike or on foot. We try to combine culture and physical activity, whereby you decide which of the two aspects you want to emphasize more. With our tours you can experience Kyoto and its surroundings over one or more days away from the crowds. Get inspired by the variety of our tours on our Facebook page (link above).

Bike tours:

Kyoto is ideal for exploring by bike. Adventours can support your ventures in three different ways. You can join one of our guided tours, or rent a bike to explore Kyoto and its surroundings on your own. In addition to new trekking or sport e-bikes, we can also supply the route with which you can navigate yourself with the help of your smart phone. 20 minutes away from the city by bike you are in a wonderful low mountain range, where you can discover the charm of rural Japan on remote roads without traffic. Our guided Cultural Highlights Tour takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.

Hiking tours:

Kyoto is located in a basin, surrounded on three sides by mountains up to 900 m high. The most important sights are not in the center but on the outskirts of the city and there is a 70 km long hiking trail around Kyoto, on which you can experience many sights away from the tourist crowds.

Train tours: 

In the east and west of Kyoto there is a train line with which you can explore the most important sights there. The weather is not always ideal for cycling or hiking, which is why these tours are ideal for days like this. The train is also closer to the pulse of the locals and you can move just like them. Our East Kyoto Highlights Tour by train takes place every Tuesday.

Individual tours:

We can work out an individually tailored, privately guided tour for you. Please contact us regarding this.

We also run a small restaurant in Kyoto and invite cycling enthusiasts to seek us out for route tips, travel advice and inspiration.


About Peter Link, the lead tour guide

Peter has an M.A. degree in Japanology and 30 years' experience as a tour guide. He has lived in Kyoto for 25 years and speaks German, English, Japanese and some French. Peter goes cycle touring in Japan and other Asian countries every year for several weeks. He has explored the roads and trails in and around Kyoto extensively and looks forward to introducing you to the beautiful cycling environment of Japan within the context of its intriguing culture.

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