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Japan is fast becoming a very popular cycling destination as more and more people discover its awesome cycling environment. As soon as you leave the big cities, you can ride on small back roads in the middle of a low-lying mountain landscape with almost no traffic. But it is not only Japan´s stunning nature that fascinates people. Everywhere you go, whether it´s the smallest villages or the middle of the mountains, you can encounter Japan`s traditional culture, ancient temples, exotic shrines and local festivities. Part of this culture is the multi-faceted Japanese cuisine and the onsen (hot spring inns). Cycling on attractive routes is an important aspect of our tours but it is the overall experience that makes our tours special.

Our philosophy is that cycling is the best way to travel, because you can experience a country with all your senses. In our tours we combine the physical activity of cycling with the cultural experience this country has to offer. We are based in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, and the best way to explore this city is to cycle through its narrow alleys. But it would be a real pity if we confined ourselves to the city limits because there is much to discover in the surrounding environs, the thatched roof houses of Miyama, the tea culture of Uji, the ancient Buddhas of Nara and many other places off the beaten track.

Adventours Kyoto can support your cycling adventures in three ways. Firstly you can participate in one of our guided tours. Alternatively we can provide everything you need from the bike and touring gear to the route plan, and you can guide yourself. Or you can simply rent a bike from us and explore the area independently. We also run a small restaurant in Kyoto and invite cycling enthusiasts to seek us out for route tips, travel advice and inspiration.

About Peter Link, the lead tour guide

Peter has an M.A. degree in Japanology and 30 years' experience as a tour guide. He has lived in Kyoto for 25 years and speaks German, English, Japanese and some French. Peter goes cycle touring in Japan and other Asian countries every year for several weeks. He has explored the roads and trails in and around Kyoto extensively and looks forward to introducing you to the beautiful cycling environment of Japan within the context of its intriguing culture.

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