East Kyoto Highlight Tour by train Guided Every Tuesday

East Kyoto Highlight Tour (1day) Tea, Sake, Zen by train
• Visiting Uji, a traditional city with a rich tea culture
•Explore the area of old sake breweries and ware houses in Fushimi and learn about sake brewing
•Experience major sightseeing spots like Gion, Fushimi Inari, Manpukuji Zen temple and many hidden gems in between mostly without the tourist crowdsTour dates: Every Tuesday from 8:30

Tour Price: ¥10.500 (incl. train ticket and entrance fees for Manpukuji and sake museum)

Meeting point: In front of Minami Za Theater on Shijo street east of the Kamogawa river

One-day tour through East- Kyoto to Uji and Fushimi: Tea, Sake, Zen

Full day tour. On this tour you can get to know some of the most important sights in eastern Kyoto without being constantly surrounded by crowds of other tourists. This tour introduces many aspects of Japanese tradition in places where it has existed for centuries. The tour takes about 8 hours.

Experience the highlights of eastern Kyoto by train and on short walks, and let an expert with M.A. in Japanese studies introduce you to the history and culture of Kyoto. This type of transportation gives you the opportunity to experience eastern Kyoto's most famous sights while at the same time feeling the pulse of local life. We visit several places in Kyoto where traditional culture has existed for centuries. After a short train ride we reach the Fushimi Inari Shrine. There we take a stroll through the hundreds of crimson shrine gates. With a bit of luck we can also watch a Shinto ceremony there.   Uji, which is associated with green tea in Japan. In the vicinity of the temple there are many teashops where you can taste green tea in all its manifestations in drinks, desserts, ice cream and pasta. Here is opportunity for a lunch break. Fushimi, a traditional center for sake brewing. We visit the Gekkeikan Sake Museum, where you get to know the production process of sake and try some. The area of ​​traditional sake breweries and warehouses in Fushimi served as a backdrop in many films. Between the two districts is the Manpuku-ji Temple, the main temple of the Obaku Zen School, which has retained its unmistakable Chinese appearance. The area of traditional sake breweries and warehouses in Fushimi has served as a backdrop in many films. The final walk through the geisha district of Gion and the old town of Kyoto rounds off this tour.

This tour is not very demanding. The terrain is mostly flat. Entrance fees the train ticket and entrace fees to Manpuku-ji and the Gekkeikan Sake Museum are included.


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