Cycling from Kyoto to Miyama and back

Cycling from Kyoto to Miyama and back (2 days) Cycling, Sight-seeing, Experience traditional Culture
• Experience traditional Japanese culture from thatched roof houses to hot springs and Japanese cuisine
• Cycle through the remote country side north of Kyoto (on touring bikes or e-bikes)
• Cruise through Kyoto's traditional western district of ArashiyamaAt the moment only avalaible as self guided Tour any time after consultation
Tour price: Touring bike: ¥29,500, E-bike: ¥36,500

Miyama, 60 km north of Kyoto city, is a famous hamlet where traditional farmhouses with thatched roofs still exist. The idyllic, rustic scenery and the thatched roofs in combination convey an atmosphere of the old traditional Japan where people lived as one with the surrounding nature. A stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan (traditional inn) where you can soak in a hot spring bath and enjoy Kaiseki Ryori (traditional Japanese course dinner) will round off this immersion into the traditional culture. Over two days we cruise through the countryside on small roads with little traffic to Miyama and back and end up in Kyoto's traditional western district of Arashiyama

Day1: 60km (1000m elevation gain)

We start from our cycling station in Kyoto city and head north where Hanase pass awaits us right outside the city boundary. The climb to the top of the pass at 750 m is quite demanding and presents our biggest challenge. The country road to Miyama leads us through small villages and is mostly free of traffic. We follow a river and climb Sasari pass before arriving in Miyama. In Miyama we stroll through the hamlet with its reed thatched houses nestled between vegetable and flower gardens. There is also opportunity for a lunch break. After the hamlet it is only a short ride to our Japanese ryokan accommodation where you can relax with a hot spring bath. In the evening you can enjoy Kaiseki cuisine a refined style of cooking which consists of many small dishes. This is a real treat not only for your taste buds but as well for your eyes.

Day 2 : 70 km (1000m elevation gain)

After a traditional Japanese breakfast we continue our tour along small country roads. We will climb to sacred Mt. Atago and then drop down into wild and romantic Hozukyo Gorge. From there a short, steep climb takes us to Kyoto's western district of Arashiyama. In Arashiyama we will visit Atago Nenbutsu temple and cruise through the traditional townscape lined with temples, shrines and old houses, as well as passing through the famous bamboo forest. From Arashiyama we will head back to our starting point where the tour ends.

This is an intermediate level tour with moderate distance and elevation gain, although the climbs have some long steep sections that will require participants on regular bikes (not e-bikes) to have a good level fitness.

The tour price includes the bike and accommodation expenses for one night including Japanese Kaiseki dinner and Japanese breakfast.

As there will be no support vehicle, you will be required to carry your own belongings for which we will provide bike bags.

This tour can also be self-guided. I will provide the route for navigation by cycle computer or smartphone and make the accommodation bookings.

This tour can be done as:
・Self-supported 1-day tour
Price: ¥6,000 per person (using rental touring bike)
Price: ¥9,000 per person (using rental e-bike)

・Self-supported 2-day tour
Price: ¥26,800 per person (using rental touring bike)
Price: ¥33,800 per person (using rental e-bike)


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