Self guided tours

Tour options

There is a wide range of tour options from leisurely sight-seeing tours within Kyoto city to day trips in the environs around Kyoto and multiday tours. You are also free to decide whether to emphasize the physical or cultural aspect, both of which can be enjoyed in abundance in and around Kyoto. The multiday tours which are offered as an optional self-guided tour include accommodation in many cases. You can also simply use our bikes on a tour you’ve planned yourself.
Of course, if you decide to ride into the countryside by yourself, you should have a basic knowledge of cycle touring such as handling navigation and be able to do basic repairs like changing a flat tube. Sometimes it is better to use the extensive train system to get to the start point or back from the end point of your tour. You can take the bike on a train as long as it is in a bike bag.

Please be aware that all self- guided tours are at your own risk, and we strongly recommend getting travel insurance which covers medical expenses and liability. The bikes themselves are covered by liability insurance in the case of damage or injury caused to a third party.


We have route plans available that take in the roads we enjoy riding ourselves. If you have a GPS navigation device like a Garmin you can log into our account and download the routes from our database (don’t forget to bring a handlebar mount for your particular device). If you use your smart phone for navigation you will need the free navigation app Komoot, which is available in English as well as in German and can be downloaded here.
Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps
Our bikes are equipped with a top tube bag that has a transparent insert for a smart-phone. For longer tours you will of course need a power bank to recharge your phone. Komoot includes voice navigation, which is best listened to through your smart phone with a Bluetooth earphone. Carrying a paper map as back up is always a good idea.

What to bring

Appropriate clothing according to the season, optimally cycling clothing and rainwear, is essential for longer tours outside the city. It is possible to bring your own equipment such as SPD pedals, helmet and saddle. The seat post bags have a capacity of 11 L, which is enough for clothing and gear for two or three days. If this is not sufficient you might like to consider bringing a backpack. In general ryokan and hotels provide toiletries and a yukata, which is a casual summer kimono that can be used inside the ryokan and as pajama. Our bikes are equipped with drink bottle cages for regular pet bottles, so you can buy drinks at convenience stores or vending machines and take them with you on the bike. Many hotels require that you show your passport, so please take it with you.


We have bikes in different sizes but to ensure that you get the bike you want we recommend booking in advance. Business hours are irregular so please get in touch before coming over.


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