Kyoto Culture Compact Every Wednesday

Kyoto Culture Compact, bike tour with the expert: Kimono, Zen, Sake (Wednesdays)
Price of this tour/experience: 9.900 Yen
1500 Yen surcharge for additional visit of Sake Brewery with Sake tasting.
● Get a compact insight into Kyoto`s Culture and history from the expert
● Avoid overcrowded places and see overlooked gems
● Experience traditional crafts such Kimono and Sake manufacturing

Kyoto Culture Compact, bike tour with the expert: Kimono, Zen, Sake (Wednesdays)

This is a 5-6 hour bike tour during which you will be introduced to many aspects of Japanese
culture and history such as Buddhism and Shintoism, Kimono and Sake manufacturing by visiting
places where these traditions have existed for centuries.
A relaxed bike tour (12km) during which you can get introduced to many aspects of
Japan's history and culture, guided by a former Zen monk with MA degree in Japanese
Studies. Avoid the crowds of tourists and immerse yourself in culture and history. Optional
trekking or e-bikes in different sizes are available. Before the start you can enjoy a Udon
noodle soup in our restaurant. After a short ride we visit the Imperial Palace, where the
Japanese Tenno resided until 1869. We continue to the Nishijin Kimono Center where
kimonos have been manufactured for centuries. You can enjoy a kimono show there. In
Daitokuji Zen Temple you get an insight into Buddhism. Finally, we ride along the Kamo
river to Shimogamo Shinto Shrine, a World Heritage Site and Kyoto's oldest shrine. For a
surcharge of 1500 Yen, you can optionally visit a sake brewery with sake tasting of
different rice wine varieties after the bike ride. After the tour there is the opportunity to
have a Japanese dinner in our restaurant.

Important information
This tour includes

● Bike rental
● Lunch
● Entrance fees to indicated sightseeing spots

This tour does not include
● Transportation to and from starting/endpoint

Know before you book
● Cancellation: 2 days prior to the day of your trip – 40 %, 1 day prior – 50 %, On the day –
100 %, No-show – 100 %
● This tour is conducted every Wednesday
● Please come to our restaurant Sakura Sari at 11:30 am punctually. As this tour has a tight
schedule we can`t afford any delays.

What you need to bring
● Comfortable clothing according to the weather
● In case of rain bring rain wear.


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